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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori - Accessibility

Category: SAP UX

This is a collaborative document to share knowledge and lessons learned re Accessibility in the community SAP Fiori.

By Fiori we mean: relating to Fiori design and development, SAPUI5 and OPENUI5 apps.

By Accessibility we mean relating to features that support:

  • People with permanent disabilities
  • People with temporary disabilities
  • People as they age, e.g. mature workforce
  • People with contextual disabilities - i.e. by choice or context choose to access technology as if disabled, such as working without hands when driving a car, using a smartphone with only one hand, etc.
  • People who by preference like to use technologies in different ways, e.g. pinch zoom, Siri & other voice assistants
  • Assistive devices and software - such as Screen Readers, Screen Magnifiers, Eye Tracking Navigation, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Speech Recognition, Gesture Recognition, etc.

Assistive devices and software:

  • may be used by or designed for anyone, e.g. Siri in Apple iPhones, Dragon Naturally Speaking for Speech Recognition
  • are often essential for people with certain specific disabilities, e.g. JAWS Screen Readers for the vision impaired

This document is part of the SAP Fiori community. You can also search for information and open a discussion in the Fiori forum if you can't find required information.

Please feel free to insert the link of your document or blog by selecting the edit button from Actions.

We include relevant blogs from posted 2015 or later, as the majority of accessibility features haves been included in SAPUI5 from 2015 onwards. Relevant blogs from the OPENUI5 or SAPUI5 communities are also welcome.

Please don't forget to use the tags fiori and accessibility when you: search, publish blogs, open discussions.

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These factsheets were funded by the Australian Bureau of Meterologyand are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence

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