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At SAP, we understand that excellent customer support is critical to your company’s success. We want to ensure that you achieve maximum productivity and maximum benefits from our SAP Business ByDesign solution.

To do this, we provide designated support channels to cater for all your support needs. Below, you will find a description and guide to each of these channels to help you choose the solution path that offers the highest quality in a timely manner to any issue you may have; whether it's a How To Question you need an answer for, a new feature or idea you would like to see implemented, a forum where you can see open discussions on a similar query, or whether you need some technical assistance from our SAP Support Team.

If your queries relate to any of the following, this document provides helpful tips and information on how to receive the answers you want.
1. ‘What is…’, ‘ How to…’, ‘Who knows’ query
2. Consulting Request
3. An idea or a request for new functionality or feature
4. Request for Value Added Cloud Services 
5. Malfunction or a technical issue with issue
6. An update on an existing issue reported to SAP

SAP provide various channels to offer you the support you need to answer your query or assist you with your challenge.

1. What is.../How do I... Question:  Explore Built-in Help Resources

You have a question about one of our SAP Products. Your question relates to one of the following: ‘What is…’, ‘How to…’

SAP provide various channels to offer you the support you need to answer your query and consulting requests, including documentation, forums and a help resource library. To help answer your query you can go to the following:

SAP Product Help Center

If you have questions such as:
1: What does the term "fixed sources of supply" mean?
2: How do I work with work center "Sales Orders"?

Then we encourage you to explore the Help Resources in your SAP Business ByDesign solution. For example:

1: Search for "fixed sources of supply". From the result list, open the document "Sourcing Rank in Assign Source of Supply" where you will find the explanation you require.

2: Search for "Sales Orders". From the result list, open the document "Sales Orders Quick Guide". The document explains all the relevant tasks individually. Why use SAP Help Resources? • You get the answer to your question immediately. • You enhance your knowledge about your SAP Business ByDesign solution.

SAP Community Network (SCN)

Search our SAP Community Network (SCN)

SAP Community Network (SCN) is the official user community of SAP AG. SAP software users, developers, consultants, mentors and students use the SAP Community Network to get help, share ideas, learn, innovate and connect with others.
Here, you can search for documents related to your query or forum, view a forum with an on-going conversation on the topic, or ask a question to one of our SAP Support colleagues

Why use our SAP SCN?
SCN provides the opportunity to tap into the combined knowledge of a fast growing worldwide community Offers helpful replies “in no time”
If these methods do not provide you with the answer you are looking for, your Implementation Partner can also provide you with additional useful information.

2. Consulting Request| Explore the Portfolio of Your Implementation Partner

Your SAP Implementation Partner is always there for assist you with your consulting requests. Here are some examples of most common queries, possible solutions and how your implementation partner can help.
• How can I perform a certain business process step in my SAP Business ByDesign solution?
    There may be various options with different implications. Each option needs to be discussed in detail.
• I am unable to execute a certain business process? What do I need to do?
    Investigation may reveal that the corresponding scenario had not been selected during scoping.

Then please contact your implementation partner. Experience shows that in many cases consulting support is required to satisfy your needs.

Where can you find an Implementation Partner? • In case you do not have a partner, you can find one in the Partner Finder application on, click on "our partners", then "find a partner" or directly use the following path

How consulting with you Implementation Partner benefits you:
• Save time by addressing your supplier directly • Have your request addressed by your trusted advisor

Ideas or Requests to Customise Functionality

You have an idea for a new feature or want to request new functionality for the system… why not join Forces with other Customers and Partners to ensure we understand your requirements.

3. Idea Forum

The product team for SAP Cloud for Customer wants your input on how to make the product better and how we can continuously improve it to fit your business needs. Search for your idea first and if it's not there submit a new idea. Our SAP design and development teams always monitor there forums and use them as a basis for new ideas in future product releases. Make sure to vote for other great ideas too! You can find our SAP Idea forum here:

4. Request for New Customised Functionality

If you require Extensibility, Integration or Migration Services for your SAP Business ByDesign solution, why not contact our SAP Service Center? If your queries relate to the following:
• I need enhancements for my SAP Business ByDesign solution: reports, forms, field extensions, UI adaptations or new business objects creation
• I need to integrate my SAP Business ByDesign with a 3rd-party solution via A2X interfaces
• I need to migrate data to or from my SAP Business ByDesign solution
• I need to get a deep understanding of the key user tools
• I need to outsource all the key user tasks

Please send an email to our Service Center colleagues at
The services of the SAP Cloud Service Center will be charged as packaged services based on fixed prices. As a Resell Partner you can also easily leverage these service offerings for your customers

How You Benefit:You can focus on what you do best – run and grow your business. We make running your business easier by adapting your solution based on your requirements and by utilizing a streamlined and cost effective process.

5. Malfunction/Product Issue| Explore the Offering from SAP Cloud Support

If you have a technical issue relating to malfunction or product issues, such as:

• I am unable to access a specific work center
• A program terminates abnormally ("dump")
• My SAP solution displays data that I consider to be incorrect
• My SAP solution behaves in a way that I consider to be incorrect
• I have an issue integrating printing, email or telephone functions

Creating an Incident via your SAP Solution:

Our SAP Cloud Support team are there to provide assistance to technical challenge you may face. To contact our support team please open an incident in your SAP Business ByDesign solution. To do this, proceed as follows: • On the screen where the issue occurred, click "Help", then select "Help Center". The Help Center sidebar will open.
• Scroll down and select "Solve Problem”
• Click "Start Solution Search" to explore solutions to known problems.
• If you are unable to find an existing solution, proceed with creating and sending an incident. To do this, select or “Report Incident".
• Please open the incident exactly where you encountered the issue. The system will automatically collect technical information and attach it to the incident. This information will help us understand the issue and to provide a solution faster.

You cannot access the system to create an incident:

If you cannot access the system to create an incident, SAP offer alternative methods to ensure you can contact us and create an incident. To create an incident, you can also call SAP on our hotline. Our colleagues on our SAP Support line are always there to help. For more information on the SAP hotline please see:

Further assistance can also be found here:
Support Overview for SAP ByD/C4C/C4TE customers and partners

Please ensure to have your system URL, as you will need this when creating an incident over the phone

6. An update on an existing issue reported to SAP

If you have already created an incident with SAP Cloud Support and want a status update on the issue, you can contact our SAP Support Colleagues via our hotlines for more information. 

For more information please see:

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