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Define default search criteria for the GBT Batch Search


In contrast to other search screens, the search criteria of the GBT Batch Search cannot be configured via component customizing.This is due to the dynamic creation of search criteria for the product group and the characteristics.

As of Service Package 3 for Netweaver 7.40, personalization is offered for the FPM search component:

Using this personalization, the user can choose a search variant containing the search criteria in the desired sequence that should be displayed when opening the GBT Batch Search.

This search (called Default Search) is not run automatically unless requested.

In case the symbol for the personalization (marked in yellow above) is not visible, personalization has to switched on first for the search component.

To do so, create a component customizing for the batch search configuration /GBT/WDC_BATCH_SEARCH_CHAR_CFG and set the value for the field 'Personalization' to 'Enabled'.

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