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Contract Negotiation Cockpit

It is possible to negotiate the items in a single Contract at a time.


This function allows users to negotiate items from multiple contracts. User can select items from multiple contracts and create the follow-on bidding documents for items based on split criteria. For example, items can be split from multiple contracts based on suppliers, purchase organizations, and create the bidding documents accordingly.

In Contract Negotiation Cockpit, user can search for items in Contract. There is a default search criteria available. This criteria can be modified using the BAdI, /SAPSRM/BD_CTR_YEN_SEARCH. There is a pre defined result set which can also be modified using the same BAdI.

User can create an RFx by selecting the Contract items and clicking Create Draft button. There are four default options for creating an RFx:

     Create a single RFx

     RFx per Supplier

     RFx per Purchasing Organization

     RFx per Product Category

If the RFx is created from items from different Contracts belonging to different Purchasing Organization then in case of per Supplier/per RFx the header data is not copied to the RFx. If contract items belong to different suppliers then all the suppliers are copied to the RFx as bidders.

Use can process the selected draft RFx by choosing Process selected drafts or Process All drafts button. Draft RFx or items can be removed by clicking Remove button. The details of the selected draft can be seen in the Details of selected draft screen area.

If the threshold for the Contract Negotiation Cockpit exceeds the background threshold then the creation of RFx document(s) is carried out in background. A mail is sent to the Purchaser with the complete details of the Contracts and the created RFx with the item numbers.


To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_CONT_IMPR_3 and then activate the Customizing switch Contract Negotiation Cockpit(SRM_703_CTR_YEAR_END_NEG) under SRM Server-> Cross-Application Basic Settings->Contract Negotiation Cockpit-> Activate/Deactivate Contract Negotiation Cockpit.

Grouping Criteria can be modified under SRM Server-> Cross-Application Basic Settings->Contract Negotiation Cockpit-> Maintain Grouping Criteria.

Background threshold can be maintained for Contract Negotiation Cockpit under SRM Server-> Cross-Application Basic Settings->Background Processing-> Define Threshold Value for Background Processing.

BAdI to modify search criteria and result list can be accessed under SRM Server-> Business Add-Ins->Contract Management-> BAdI: Enhance Search Criteria and Result.

BAdI to modify the grouping criteria can be access under SRM Server-> Business Add-Ins->Contract Management-> BAdI: Enhance Grouping Criteria.

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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