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SAP Supplier Relationship Management

Large Document Handling for RFx Response

Large Document Handling(LDH) is enabled for Central Contract and RFx in SAP SRM 713 SP07 and Purchase Order in SAP SRM 713 SP08.  In order to get an idea about Large Document Handling refer: Large Document Handling

In SP10 we have enabled LDH for RFx Response. All the features mentioned for LDH in general in the above mentioned document is applicable for RFx Response as well.


When a Purchase Order is displayed in Large Document Handling mode, none of the items are loaded. User will be able to search for the desired items and work with that limited set of items. This helps in improving performance and also improves usability.

Following header actions are performed in background for Purchase Order displayed in LDH mode:

     Adopt, Print preview, Export, Import, Check, Submit, Reject, Accept, Publish to Catalog.

Following are the changes with respect to item actions:

     New Items are always added at the end of the list.

     Addition of expressive items for items in RFx is carried out in background.

     Deletion of newly added items in Response including expressive items is carried out in background.

     Pasting of copied items which are newly added in the Response is done at the end of the list.


To use the feature, you have to first activate the Business Function SRM_LDH_3 and then activate the Customizing switch Large Document Handling for RFx Response(SRM_703_LDH_RFX_RESP) under SRM Server-> Cross-Application Basic Settings->Large Document Handling-> Activate/Deactivate Large Document Handling for RFx Response.

For complete details about SAP SRM 7.03 refer: SAP SRM 7.03

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