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BW Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

Some useful information regarding issues occuring in Bex Java web


You face several different issues for reports in Bex Java web. Most of the issues you face after you upgraded your BW system both ABAP and Java stack.

The purpose is to provide some important and relevant information which can be useful for resolution of some issues in Java web.

Issue 1:

You have upgraded your system both ABAP and Java stack. Now if you execute the report in Java web , report either gives dump or some errors which use to work correctly before upgrade.


Please check whether any ST22 dump is also collected.

Please search for SAP note with the dump text from ST22 (if collected) or which is available in web.

If you find SAP note , please follow the solution of note.

Incase you do not find any SAP note, then please check what is the Patch level for corresponding Support Package for BI Java component.

If you have Patch level 0 , then you will have to apply higher patch than 0 as patch 0 does not contain corrections.

You can check below note which clearly talks about the need for higher patch level than 0 for BI Java components.

1899396 - Patch level 0 for BI Java Installation - Detailed Information

Issue 2:

After system upgrade both ABAP and Java stack some functionalities such as drilldown , dropdown , buttons or some other functions are not working.


Please check what is the patch level for corresponding Support Package for BI Java components.

Mostly its due to Patch 0.

You need to apply higher patch than 0.

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