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Monitoring Incoming E-Mails in SAP Cloud for Customer


As an administrator in SAP Cloud for Customer you can enable the monitoring of incoming e-mails via Web Service Message Monitoring.

This goes hand-in-hand with configuring the allowed MIME types for e-mails -- refer to this document:

Thanks to @Parul Upadhyaya for this great info!

  1. Go to (Beta) Administratration and then under Integration choose Web Service Message Monitoring.
  2. Open the advanced filter.                   
  3. For the Service Interface search parameter, choose More Options.  
  4. Add one or both of the following service interfaces, depending on your business scenario:
    • For B2C E-Mail Scenario, add: ServiceRequestingIn
    • For B2B E-Mail Scenario, add: EmailServiceRequestingIn
  5. Add any additional search parameters you need and then choose Save Query.
  6. You can also set the query to default.         

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