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Troubleshooting guide for BI Monitoring - Data Services Job Monitoring


BI monitoring troubleshooting for DS system:

BI monitoring configuration details check:

The below mandatory steps should be green.

Check the status of the agent in the Managed System setup wizard,

Managed System configuration >> Filter the Data Services System >> Full configuration

Check whether the agent is offline. In case it is offline, copy the agent name (the agent name is shown in the below screenshot),

In case the agent is offline or not connected please logon to the SMD administration to restart the agent,

https://<hostname>:<port number>/webdynpro/dispatcher/

Find your agent and reboot the agent as below screenshot,

Check the properties in the agent administration,

The below are the parameters that needs to be maintained,

Header 1Header 2

In this parameter you need to mention the correct path of <BOE_DIR> in the agentsetup,

by default, it should be C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP Business Objects

ENV_SID_<Extended SID>_BOE_AUTH_TYPEsecEnterprise
ENV_SID_<Extended SID>_BOE_CMSBOE CMS server and port of that the DS is registered in
ENV_SID_<Extended SID>_BOE_CMS_USERBOE CMS user name
ENV_SID_<Extended SID>_BOE_CMS_PWDBOE CMS user password
ENV_SID_<Extended SID>_BOE_WEB_PORTThe BOE web server port

This is a optional parameter

The host name of the web server installed, this is only added while the web server and BOE/ DS is

  - not installed on the same server


The data services configuration directory


BI monitoring trouble shooting – configuration level

Setup process

Problem 1: agent not connected.

No job in the repository SSM

Button gray.

When the button is gray, use the WS navigator to check.

http://<host name>:50089/wsnavigator/enterwsdl.html

click on the web services method getDataServicesRepoNames( ) as shown in the below screenshot,

Enter the SID, agentName and the version

check the response below,

The above text mentions : Enterprise authentication could not log. Verify that your login information is correct. (FWB 00008)

  • So the error caused by the CMS logon information is not correct.
  • Go back to the agent administration to check the parameters’ value.
  • For some other issues, please follow the steps above to use WS navigator to finish the trouble shooting.
  • Another issue can cause the button gray is the missing properties in agent administration.
  • Follow the trouble shooting process with WS navigator above, you will get the return message like the following content.

Now go back to the agent administration to check & maintain the properties,

Data collection:

After the data service job is configured successfully and activation is successful, you should ideally see the data in the Monitoring UI. In case the Monitoring UI is grey, please follow the below instructions,

  • Need to use the data collector test function module or trouble shooting report program to check the data collection process.
  • First check whether the data is already collected in the Solution Manager system

1. Execute TCODE “se16”:

2. Go to the table “ACMOTEMPLATE” to set the related CONFIG_TYPE (5 for Data Services), and then get the CUSTOM_TEMPLT_ID.

3. Go to the table “ACTEMPLATEDIR”, enter the related TMPLT_ID and find the CONTEXT_ID

4. Then go to the table "ACE_DB_EVENT" to check whether results of the data collection.

5. This means there is no data collect by Solution Manager, so we should go to check if the connection between SMD Agent and Solution Manager has problems

5.1 Execute the TCODE “SE38”;

5.2 Run the program “AC_BIMON_MO_ANALYSIS”, with an option "Collect data now". This process would collect the data from the Data Services system.

DSS7.png (187163 B)
DSS15.png (195426 B)

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