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Dump in the program SAPLRSMDATASTATE .



The load to the cube via DTP leads to the below dump .

Steps to Reproduce

Load the data via DTP to the cube or from a cube .


The maintenance table of BIA was deleted and the table RSMDATASTATE went into an inconsistent state .


In order to check the error perform the RSRV test for the cube XXX.

RSRV-> Status of the data in the infocubes

The below appears :

Entry for infocube /data store object XXX in table RSMDATASTATE is invalid.

Message No : RSRV342

So to solve it follow the below instructions:

T-code ->RSDDV (Aggregates/BWA index maintenance)

Give the infocube name , BWA index will exist for the same .

Afterwards check if the infocube is inactive , Then go to the transaction RSDDB and delete the index of the cube then rebuild the BWA index .This should solve the problem.

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