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Activity Lists Feature in the SAP Cloud for Customer


An Activity list is a group of activities, these are used for mass creation of activities, for either one person or for multiple people.

Here, you could select accounts or contacts and it will automatically create activities based on the selection and additional information maintained. Additional information could include details like, the subject, the start and end time. Once this is activated this schedules tasks to be performed by the owner. You can define this for any number of customers.

How to add Activity List Feature:

  1. Go to the "Business Configuration" work center.
  2. Select the "Project".
  3. Click on "Edit Project Scope".
  4. In Scoping tab, make sure that the "Activity Management" is Scoped.
  5. In Questions tab -> Scope the question "Do you want to record information from activity lists in your system?"
  6. Finish your scoping changes.

How to Use Activity Lists:

  1. Go to the "Activities" work center.
  2. Go to the "Activity Lists" facet.
  3. Click on "New" button to create the "Activity List".
  4. Select the "Activity Type" for which you want to create the list.
  5. Add the Name, Start Date/Time, Owner.
  6. Click on "Save and Open".
  7. Edit the activity list created.
  8. Enter Other Details like End Date/Time, Notes (if any), Priority, Category.
  9. Select the check box "Owner Determination" if you want the determination of owners of the added appointments/activties to be redtermined based on the Determination Rules Maintained in the system.
  10. Select "New" button to add the "Appointments" from Account/Contact/Individual Customer.
  11. Select the "Action" button and set the "Activities List" as "Active".

Points to be Noted for Activity Lists:

  • The Owner of the Activity list will not be assigned as the owner of the individual activities/appointments added in the list.
  • The person who creates the activity list is the owner. If you want to change/reassign this owner, do it manually.
  • To do the changes in the activated activity list, change the status to "In Preparation" by using the "Actions" button.
  • Any number of activities can be added to the activity list using "New" button (From Accounts, Contacts, Individual Customers).
  • Once you activated the "Activity list", the scheduling takes the start and end date of the activity list.
  • To schedule the uploaded activities/appointments in the activity list, Edit the activity list, add Start Date/time and End Date/Time, Save & Activate the activity List.
  • If you want the activities to be created in sequence, then you can maintain duration and gap, but leave end time blank.
  • The information at Header becomes the template:
    • Start/End time of list get determined based on the Duration & Gap maintained at header.
    • Details like Notes, Subject, Category, Priority get transferred from the header to the activities added.
  • The owner can be maintained or derived based on standard owner determination fine tuning. Please see case document "2116706 - Activity Owner Determination in Activity Lists" for Activity Owner Determination.