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Options to import Releases in SAP Solution Manager Release 7.1

With SAP Solution Manager Release 7.1 a consolidated Import can be done on the level of the SAP Solution Manager Project, for which SAP Change Request Management has been activated. The consolidated Import is performed for the specific CTS Project ID, which is currently assigned to the SAP Solution Manager Project.

An consolidated Import for a Release, which is consisting of several Projects is not possible in the SAP Change Request Management Standard functionality of SAP Solution Manager Release 7.1.

Which further Options does the Customer have instead?

Utilize SAP TMS Functionality for Release Import

One option, of course is, to temporarily deactivate SAP Change Request Management before the import takes place. In SAP Transport Management System, you have the possibility to select several CTS Project IDs, for which the import should take place.

SAP TMS will then perform a consolidated Import for all selected CTS Projects.

After the import has been done successfully, you have to activate SAP Change Request Management on your SAP Solution Manager Project again.

Utilize the Release Batch Import (part of the Add On Package ST-OST in SAP Solution Manager)

A further option is to utilize the Release Batch Import Scenario.

The required software for this functionality is available via the Add On Package ST-OST for SAP Solution Manager Support Package Level 13.

Please beware, that the Add On Package ST-OST is only available for

  • MaxAttention Customers, and
  • Customers with Active Embedded Support Contract.

In order to setup the functionality in the Customer Solution Manager System and guarantee knowledge transfer, the customer has to order the

SAP Enhanced RDS Service for Change Control Management - Release Batch Import.

The functionality of Release Batch Import is based on the Import Program /SALM/BATCH_IMPORT_TRIGGER.

You assign an Import Variant to a combination, consisting of

  • SAP Solution Manager Project,
  • System ID,
  • Client, and
  • Technical System Role.

Thereby several SAP Solution Manager Projects can be assigned to one Import Variants, which allows the Release based Import.

Outlook to SAP Solution Manager Release 7.2

With SAP Solution Manager Release 7.2 it is planned to provide Release Management functionality in the SAP Standard.

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