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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

Use EPM Add-in to Report on Top of HANA Views


EPM add in use MDX ( ODBO or XMLA) to connect to HANA views. Note: In any case no data entry is possible. For ODBO, HANA MDX provider have to be installed on local machine. For XMLA, you can use the XMLA connection available in EPM Add-in. After that, EPM add-in can connect to any analytic/ calculated view of HANA.

Recommandations related to back end connectivity and support:

•        BPC on Hana ( Standard Model) :

We don't recommand to report directly to Hana views using EPM add in connectivity.

Indeed , BPC standard model use case which is based on MDX syntax and MDX statements are generated by BPC consider the meta data, master data and hierarchy. What is used with MDX in BPC standard model   Measure calculation: PERIODIC, QTD, YTD  ( reporting relevant)   YTD and sign flip calculation based on account type (reporting relevant)   Member formula calculation (reporting relevant) So it means that reporting directly on HANA view by EPM Add in by using MDX connectivity on HANA, it’s bypassing these MDX calculations in BPC. So, in order to generate exact same reporting value for all three measures (PERIODIC, QTD and YTD), customer need to build his own logic for above first 3 points mentioned.

•        BFC on HANA :

We recommand to use EPM add in connectivity to report on Hana views.

Indeed, reporting use the FC Cube Designer HANA views which have been specifically deployed by Cube Designer to be browsed by a BI tool, so everything is consistent and ready for reporting.

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