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Side-by-side installation of ADS

1) Install first Instance of ADS.
2) Extract the Installation files of ADS to a different folder, i.e. ADS12.
3) Run from a command prompt “setup.exe sidebyside <your custom install name>”.
4) This command returns a new generated Product Code.
5) Edit the setup.ini and replacing the existing Product Code with the new one.
6) Uncomment by removing the “;” the line sidebyside = 1.
7) Uncomment and change the following entries:

      - Installdir

      - Service_Name

      - Service_Display_Name

      - Service_Description

      - Config_Receive_IP_Port

      - Config_Error_Assert_Logs

      - Config_TPS_Logs

      - Startmenuname

All these entries should be unique in compare to other installations, so use different setting and port you used in the previous installation.
8) Install the second Instance of ADS by executing setup.exe, which must have different Serial Number and Validation code.

For additional Information, please check the block from Chris Franz and the ADS help file.

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