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Use Process Monitor for ADS Specific Errors

The program "Process Monitor" which is commonly referred to as "ProcMon" can be used to debug Advantage specific errors. The errors to typically use ProcMon with would deal with Advantage related files, as ProcMon records what file requests your computer makes A brief tutorial of ProcMon’s capabilities is shown below If, for example, the Advantage specific error '6420' is returned. This indicates the Advantage discovery process failed, and the easiest solution is to create an ADS.ini that contains the IP and port of the server you are trying to connect to. For this tutorial, you should create the ADS.ini and place it on the desktop. With the ADS.INI file created the 6420 error is still being returned. Is the Advantage client not reading the ADS.ini? Where is it looking for the ADS.ini? These questions can be solved with ProcMon.

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