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Fiori runtime error $select $filter value is cut off on SAP_GWFND SP13


We had several runtime issues on Fiori apps because of error on Gateway side.

It took some time to find out a root cause because we looked at app code and did not imagine that Gateway brings error.

Please add your findings. We can help each other.

Gateway: SAP_GWFND SP13

Application Area: OPU-GW-CORE

Additional notes are required for handling $filter and $select OData options.

2181284 - Runtime error in /IWCOR/CL_DS_EP_WRITER_XML - property of type Edm.DateTime or Edm.DateTimeOffset

2232883 - Wrong values in select options table

2241188 - Some characters of filter value get cut in OData request

2245413 - Truncated filter values

2249354 - Double properties in select table

Link app side issue:

SAP Fiori Approve Leave Request error

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Empty Sales Order in Fiori Track Sales Order

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Error while creating catalog: "Cannot set property '$selected' of undefined"

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