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SAP StreamWork service discontinued - important information for existing users


Attention StreamWork users: The SAP StreamWork service has been discontinued

Read this article to learn about the plans to shut down the StreamWork service and how you can download your uploaded documents.

When SAP launched the SAP Jam service in 2012, it was designed as a replacement of the legacy SAP StreamWork service, incorporating capabilities from StreamWork and combining them with the legacy SuccessFactors Jam and Cubetree services into the new SAP Jam service.  Immediately, after launching SAP Jam, SAP stopped accepting contractual subscriptions to the legacy StreamWork service.  However, SAP recognized that existing customers may not have been ready to transition to SAP Jam immediately, so we decided to maintain the StreamWork service until that time when all existing enterprise customers had transitioned to SAP Jam.

Effective December 1, 2015 that time has come and we have discontinued the StreamWork service.  As such, we are no longer accepting new subscriptions as the service will be shut down soon.

If you are interested in an industry-leading social collaboration platform, we encourage you to learn about SAP Jam, which incorporates many of the capabilities of StreamWork but takes an industry leading approach to collaboration – incorporating business process, data and collaboration tools to help employees from across the entire company to get work done without being restricted to time-based activity streams.

With unique and industry-leading integrations to business applications such as SAP CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP ERP central component as well as the SAP SuccessFactors Suite and SAP SuccessFactors Learning for informal and formal social learning, SAP Jam is the logical evolution of the legacy StreamWork service.

Answers to common questions about the end-of-life of the StreamWork service.

  • When will the StreamWork service be shut down?
    • The StreamWork service will be shut down on December 31st, 2015.

  • What happens to my content in the StreamWork service?
    • Before December 31, 2015: Your content and activities are still accessible and usable.  We encourage users to download any and all content they wish to keep before December 31st. Access the StreamWork service via the url below.

    • After December 31, 2015: The StreamWork service will be taken offline and will be inaccessible.  Any content that has not been deleted from the service will be deleted and purged.

  • How do I download my documents from the StreamWork service?
    • Login to the StreamWork service as you normally would.
    • Go to your content
    • Hover over the uploaded content/document you wish to download
    • A “download” option will appear beneath the document title.
    • You will need to download documents individually as there is no mass-download capability

  • What happens if I don’t download my content by January 1st, 2016?
    • If you do not download your content before January 1st, 2016 you will be unable to download it nor will SAP be able to provide access to the files in an offline fashion.  All storage media devices and backups of the StreamWork service will be deleted on or after January 1st, 2016.

  • Can you send me my files, make them available offline or put them somewhere I can download them from?
    • No, users of the StreamWork service are responsible for downloading the files they wish to keep.  SAP cannot provide archival copies or send you your files.

  • Is the SAP Jam Collaboration service the same as StreamWork?
    • SAP Jam is better than the legacy StreamWork service.  SAP Jam Collaboration has many of the same capabilities of the legacy StreamWork service, but was designed for a different type of usage.  StreamWork was designed around activity streams that were time-based.  SAP Jam Collaboration is designed for people to get work done in social and collaborative groups.   For more information about SAP Jam refer to the SAP Jam product page

  • Why is SAP discontinuing the StreamWork service?
    • SAP stopped accepting new subscriptions for the StreamWork service nearly three years ago when we launched the SAP Jam service.  SAP Jam, from its beginning, was a replacement for StreamWork.

  • Is there a free SAP Jam service like there was for StreamWork?
  • SAP Jam is design-wise, functionally and technically superior to the StreamWork service.  Unlike the former SAP StreamWork service which was designed solely for working on time-based activities, SAP Jam is designed for enterprise wide collaboration enabling individuals, teams and entire departments to collaboration, learn and share information to get work done.

  • Is SAP Jam available for direct-self service purchase?
    • SAP Jam is an enterprise social collaboration service and is sold directly through SAP sales channels or through partner system integrators.  SAP Jam is not available in a consumer/self-subscription over-the-web model.

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