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Party Determination (Employee Responsible/Owner) in Sales Documents



In Opportunity or Sales Quote, the default Owner is always picked from the Account Team, however you expect it to be get picked from the Employee Work Distribution.

The determination of Employee Responsible/Owner depend on the Rules selected in the Business Configuration, Data maintained in Account & Territory and Employee Work Distribution.

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Party Determination Rules at Business Configuration:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Overview view.
  3. Show All Configuration Elements and Find Opportunities.
  4. Select & open the Opportunities activity.
  5. Click on Maintain Involved Party.
  6. Select Owner and click on Maintain Determination.
  7. Here you can find 4 step of determination for party role Owner:
    • Employee Responsible of Account Team.
    • Employee Responsible of Territory Team.
    • Responsibility Employee Responsible for Sales.
    • Current User.
  8. The system only considers the steps which are marked as Active. At-least one step should be marked as Active.
    • In current use case let's assume that all the steps are set as Active.

How the determination steps maintained in Business Configuration influence the Owner determination in Opportunity:

After entering the account in the Opportunity:

A. For the value in Owner field system would first check if the Employee Responsible is maintained in the Account Team.

B. If above condition is not met, then system will check for the Employee Responsible of Territory Team.

C.  If both the above conditions fails system will check for the Employee Responsible for Sales maintained at Employee Work Distribution Rules.

D. If all the above conditions fails then the logged-in business user will be defaulted as owner.

How to maintain the required master data for above steps are described below.

A, Steps to Maintain Employee Responsible of the Account:

  1. Go to the Customers work center.
  2. Go to the Accounts view.
  3. Search and open the account.
  4. Go to the Account Team tab.
  5. Click on Add button.
  6. Select Party Role as Owner and add select the Name form the Value Help.
  7. Save your changes.

B. Steps to Maintain the Territory Owner:

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Go to the Territories view.
  3. Open the Territory of the account.
  4. Click on Add.
  5. Select the party role 142-Owner.
  6. Select the Name from the value help.

C.Steps to Maintain Employee Responsible in the Employee Work Distribution:

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to the Task Distribution view.
  3. Go to the Employee Work Distribution sub-view.
  4. Select and Edit the work category Employee Responsible for Sales.
  5. Add the Rule Name, Employee Responsible and Validity Dates.
  6. Save your changes.

From above analysis we are able to see that as per your Business Configuration Party Determination Rules, the first priority rule is to determine the Owner from Account, hence in opportunity the system is picking the owner from Account not from the Employee Work Distribution.

If you want the system to pick the Owner of Opportunity from Employee Work Distribution, then you need to disable the first two rules in the Business Configuration i.e. Employee Responsible of Account Team and Employee Responsible of Territory Team.

In this case the system would pick the Owner in Opportunity according to the Employee Work Distribution Rules.

Important Points to Note:

- If you want to change the existing selection in the Business Configuration Party Determination Rule, then you need to create a New Change Project to do the required changes.

- If you copy an existing Sales Document then the Owner field do not get copied to the new sales document. The Owner determination will always be done according to the party determination rules of the Business Configuration activity.

- You cannot configure determination rules in Business Configuration for the Custom Parties. The determination of custom party roles depend upon the Master Data or Work Distribution Rule maintained.