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SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 - Installation / Configuration of XBRL Service



The SAP Disclosure Management XBRL service is part of the SAP Disclosure Management Server, but is delivered separately. This enables the XBRL Service to be installed on a different machine.


1. Installation file

From the initial downloaded files (see Installing SAP Disclosure Management 10.1) go to the DATA_UNITS\DM_SERVER_XBRL_SERVICE_10_1\WIN32 sub-folder and execute the file

2. Wizard welcome screen

Make sure you are installing the XBRL Service

3. The prerequisites

4. The installation folder

By default, the XBRL Service will be installed in C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management XBRL Service

5. Installation completes successfully

Configuring the XBRL Service

1. Service

Check that the SAP Disclosure Management XBRL Service is running (start it up if needed)

2. Configuration file

Open  C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management XBRL\ServicecsfService_ValidationServiceHost.exe.config and set the Java path

Note: you can find the path in the Java parameters

3. System configuration

Login to the DM application

In Administration, System configuration, open the ‘Landscape’ tab

Specify the IP (server name or FQDN) and port. By default, the XBRL services uses port 2981

4. Check the logs

In the Administration, Log files, you should have access to the “Log files XBRL service”

Note: the log files are physically stored on the application server and you can control this by setting the path in the “Log.config”  (C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management XBRL Service)

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