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SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 - Client installation



This document outlines the steps to install the Disclosure Management Client. The client is an add-in that will be visible in the Microsoft Office products (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Unlike the application server, you can directly install the required Service Pack you need. Be aware: the client version needs to match the server, so do not have the server on DM 10.1 SP04 and access it with a DM 10.1 SP02 client.

To upgrade the client, first uninstall the current version and then proceed with the installation of the required SP level.


1. Download the installation file from SMP (

2. Initial screen from Installation Wizard

Ensure you are running the client installation

3. The prerequisites

Note: the DM 10.1 client is still a pure 32-bit add-in and cannot be installed in Office 64-bit

4. Installation path

By default, the client will be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management

5. Installation runs…

6. Installation completes successfully

7. Verify the installation

In Excel, you should have an option in the ribbon called “SAP Disclosure Management”

This is a COM Add-in in Excel (adxloader.dll)

Note: after the installation, the add-in is also visible in other Office products – no additional installation is needed

For example, in MS PowerPoint

Uninstalling the DM client

If the DM 10.1 client needs to be uninstalled (for example, for an upgrade), use the Windows “Programs” feature and select “Uninstall”

Silent installation

To perform a silent installation of the Dsiclosure Management Client, you can use the following steps;

1. Rename the setup executable to DMClient.exe

2. Open a command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to the directory where the setup executable is located.

3. Execute the following command:

  DMClient.exe /s /v/qn

4. Monitor the task manager, you will see the executable running and will install the DM client.

After the executable has disappeared from the task manger it means the installation has completed.


Some possible issues

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