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SAP Advantage Database Server

Different version of ADS and DLL's on the application

  • A v11.1 client can connect to a v11.1 (or greater) server
  • A v11.1 client can not connect to a v11.0 (or less) server

ADS supports connecting an older client to a newer server. Generally speaking the build numbers i.e. the last two numbers such as (".0.24") should not matter and you should be able to apply those newer DLL's to the project.

We also recommend keeping the TDataset version and the ACE version the same. Such as TDataSet 12 should use ACE 12 DLL's. We do not recommend using 12 DLL's with TDataSet 11.1. The reason being is there may be new field types, or new behavior introduced in the newer server / DLL's that the older TDataset wrapper does not know about.

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