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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

How to force a Webintelligence report file to be processed by a specific server group (isolation)

In this quick document i am focusing a smaller piece of a bigger topic: How to troubleshoot intermittent issues in BI Platform where sharing some experiences from first steps of troubleshooting intermittently appearing issues on such BI platform 4.x where having more than one processing servers or nodes configured.

To isolate the report perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the CMC and go to Servers
  2. Click Manage -> New -> Create Server Group
  3. Type a name for the group as "Isolation Group"
  4. Go to the ServiceCategories -> Web Intelligence Services
  5. Select the webintelligence server you would like to isolate
  6. Open Properties -> Turn on Disable Cache Sharing option in the Web Intelligence Common Service block to prevent webi processing server to interact with other servers. Restart the WebintelligenceProcessingServer is required

  7. Select the WebIntelligenceProcessingServer you would like to isolate
  8. Right click-> Select Add to Server Group and select "Isolation Group"

  9. In CMC go to Folders and locate and select the report file needs to be isolated in the environment
  10. In Properties click Default Settings-> Web Intelligence Process Settings

  11. In section Default servers to use for viewing and modification: select option Only use servers in the selected group and select "Isolation Group" from the list of group

NOTE: If the servers in the Server group are either not enabled or not running, the report will be not processed  You can also include Adaptive Processing Servers, Central Management Server into the "Isolation Group" if required