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SAP Lumira

Whats new in SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.29


While we are working on making SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.29 available on SMP.

Here is the Summary of New Features and Functionalities Delivered with SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.29 release.

Refer to blog SAP Lumira, Server for BI Platform for further details on any of these topics summarized below.

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.29 is supported on BI 4.1 SP4, SP5 and SP6 and BI 4.2

  • Mobile BI
    • Access to Lumira Document on Mobile BI
    • Supported on iOS Tablet only
    • Support for Online Viewing and Interaction within Story Viewer mode

  • Data Source:
    • Support for additional data sources
      • HANA Revision 102 (for both Offline and Online)
      • Teradata 14.1 and 15.0
      • Oracle 12c
      • MS SQL 5.0

    • Variable and Input Parameters
      • Ability to change Variable and Input parameter values for HANA Online and Offline (on all supported revisions)

    • Row Level Security
      • Ability to Save document without data to enforce refresh on open for enhanced security to restrict the users to view document only with authorized data (also referenced as Refresh on Open)
      • Supported for HANA, BW and UNX Datasources

  • Prompts and Variables
    • SAP HANA
      • Change Variable and Input Parameter values during Refresh for HANA Offline
      • Change Variable and Input Parameter values with Prompt Icon for HANA Online

  • Open Document
    • Support for generating OpenDocument URL for Lumira Document in BI Platform
    • Following options are supported in OpenDocument URL
      • Open Lumira Document
      • Open a particular Story in Lumira Document
      • Open a particular Page in a Story of a Lumira Document
      • Enable Refresh on Open while opening the Lumira document in any supported view

  • Extensions
    • Ability to upload the Visualization and Data Access Extensions to BI Platform with Lumira Application
    • The uploaded extensions would help render any Visualization or Enable access to any Data Source supported by Extensions in Lumira Documents

Note: Extensions has to be installed on both Lumira Desktop and Lumira Server for BI Platform

  • Bookmarks
    • Create personalized views from a Lumira Document
      • Support for Filter and Drill actions
    • Make the views Personal or Global (accessible to others with view rights on Document)
    • Default a Personal or Global View on Document Open

  • Auditing
    • Audit user actions on Lumira Application and Document
    • Capture details on Application (access from) and Events (actions)
    • Following applications are supported for auditing
      • BI Launchpad
      • Lumira Desktop
      • OpenDocument URL
      • BI CMC
      • Mobile BI
    • Following Events are captured in auditing
      • Document
        • Create
        • Delete
        • View
        • Refresh
        • Schedule
        • Modify
        • Save As
        • Send To
      • Application
        • Login
        • Logout