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Preparation of the issue before opening a support incident

  1. Reproduce the issue with the latest ADS and Client version, which can be downloaded from DevZone.
  2. Collect the ADS_ERR.* (DBF, ADT, ADI, ADM) file.
  3. Create a series of ProcDump files as described in the  KBA 1915886 .
  4. Write a small test application for a re-creation. The ADS engineering should be able to re-create the issue with this simple application (don’t send us the full application) and should be able also to check the source code.
  5. For the re-creation, use only a test database with test tables and test records (don’t send us files with actual and confidential information of customers etc..).

    If all these steps are completed, open a support incident and send this issue to the ADS support team. If you get any trouble to create a support incident, please contact the SAP CIC.

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