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BI MasterSystem alert on BI Diagnostics

One of the most common alert on BI Diagnostics tool ( SAP Note 937697 )  is the one related to BI Mastersystem.
See below:

There are two most common root-cause (sub-alerts) for this alert.
The first one is related to WAS, ITS, Application Server and Message Server port.

Basically, this alert recommends to use the Message Server Port instead of the Application Server Port.

On the scenario above, we are using 8001, which is our application server, instead of 8101, from our Message Server.

If you want to confirm your Message Server Port, access transaction: SMMS > Goto > Profile Parameters > Display.
Search for the parameter MS/HTTP_PORT

This sub-alert from BI MasterSystem, is related to the system number:

Sometimes, it is common to use the Client Number by mistaken, as this case.

There are several ways to check the correct System Number. The basis will know which one is.
I use the FM RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET and uncheck the option I_MESSAGESERVER

On results, the  E_URL_PORT will apear. For me, it is appearing 44334. That means, my system number is 34.


Basically, you have to access your portal, and follow the patch below.
Once inside of System Landspace overview, you have to know which connector is your BW.

Generally has the BW SysID as name and System Type = SAP_BW.

Access the properties.
Review the values of the fiels that I pointed with the arrows.