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ABAP Development

ABAP Quick Search for NWBC


In the SAP (Netweaver) Business Client you have a search bar in the upper range of the window. As soon as you type something in there, it tries to get search suggestions from all the defined so-called search providers:

It is possible to add own search providers. For more information, see: WKS: How to use NWBC in TM - Search Providers

The ABAP Quick Search for NWBC is such a search provider.

With that search you can easily search for all ABAP related content available on your system and open it with one click:

Additional Features:

  • Results are sorted by type
  • Define a namespace and search it by typing "//"
  • Extra fancy result page

  • Search for special result types by typing "\<object_type>" (see the list at the end of the posting or just type "\" and look at the type suggestions)
  • Decide how to open tables: Do you want to see the structure (SE11) or the content (SE16)?

  • Decide how to open BOBF Business Objects: In the BOBF Test UI or in BOBF Conf UI?

Unfortunately, not all functions work in NWBC 4.

If you want to have the search included into your Business Client, please follow the steps in this scn posting: How to include ABAP Quick Search into NWBC

Here is the standard list of result types for which is searched for. In case you want to search for a certain type, add \<object_type> to your search request.

E.g. "\CLAS" for classes.

ACIDCheckpoint Group
IWPRGW Service Builder Project
SAMCABAP Messaging Channel
SAPCABAP Push Channel
SPRXGeneric Proxy
BOBFBOPF Business Object
BOBXBOPF Enhancement Object
COBOBudiness Object
DTELData Element
ENQULock Objects
FUGRFunction Group
FUGSFunction Groups
IAMLLanguage Dependent MIME Object
IASPInternet Service
MSAGMessage Classes
PARAUser Parameter
PINFPackage Interface
RPDFReport Definition
SCATTest Case
SCGRService Group
SFBFBusiness Function
SHLPSearch Help
SHMAShared Object Area Class
SMIMMime Objects
WDCAWeb Dynpro Application Configuration
WDCCWeb Dynpro Component Configuration
WDCPWeb Dynpro Chip
WDYAWeb Dynpro Application
WDYNWeb Dynpro Comp/INTF