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Designing Dashboards

Designing Dashboards

To get started with Design Studio you should have it installed on your computer and followed the installations guide adequately on our page overview.

The dashboard below was populated through information from one single data source and One data source can be used to feed for example both a cross tab and a chart. With the “data selection” feature one data source can also be used to feed multiple charts - Design Studio Performance Best-Practices


World Premiere Design Studio 1.6 #SAPtd SAP TechEd

This bubble chart creation and detail view provides a basic overview of your selections when working with

components in Design Studio - Bubble chart creation and detail view based on selection


Design Studio: Parallel Processing and Scripting

Assign data sources to processing groups, set “Merge Prompts” to false, and just execute the application. Parallel processing is not present in all phases of application execution. Four specific phases take advantage of parallel processing

Initialization of data sources on start-up / Fetching result sets during rendering / Submitting variables / Data binding

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