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How to include ABAP Quick Search into NWBC


Follow these 7 easy steps to include the search in your Business Client:

For functionality, see: ABAP Quick Search for NWBC

0. Please check the system requirements: SAP Netweaver Release 7.4 or higher.

    Furthermore, not all functions will work with NetWeaver Business Client 4.

1. Copy the content of the "Program.txt" to a new Program and replace the placeholder with an appropriate program name. (e.g. "zrep_object_opener")

2. a) Create a transaction with an appropriate transaction code (e.g. "z_object_opener") like this (select "Program and selection screen..."):

2. b) Change the transaction so that it starts the program you created in step 1.

3. Upload the file "resultpage.html" to a new folder in the MIME Repository:

4. a) Copy the content of the file "Search_Class.txt" to a new class and replace the placeholders with an appropriate class name. (E.g. zcl_nwbc_abap_search)

4. b) Change the constant "cv_opener_transaction" to the name of the transaction you created in step 2 (e.g. " 'z_object_opener' ").

4. c) Change the constant "cv_result_page" to the path of the .html-file you uploaded in step 3:

4. d) If you want to edit the whitelist for result types, you can change it in the class-constructor method.

5. a) Start the transaction 'SICF' and create a new service (via New Sub-Element).

5. b) Enter a description and add the search class you created in step 4 to the handler list.

Don't forget to activate your service!

6. Add a new search provider in your NWBC. Therefore go to Options --> Settings --> Connections --> Search Providers...

Type in the address and port of your server (you can find it here: Options --> Settings --> Connections --> Systems... --> right click on system --> Properties... --> URL) and after that the path to the service you created in step 6 and "?type=OpenSearchDescription".

If you want to, you can add a "namespace" and/or "max_results" parameter, too, as shown here:

7. Type something into the search bar and enjoy. (569 B)