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Extending the MDG Track My Request Fiori Application to get Change Requests from multiple backend system

In order to extend the Track my request Fiori application to fetch the change requests from multiple backend system we need to do two things:- 

=>In backend configure the OData service using gateway configuration to accept data from more than one backend system. 

=>Extend the track my request Fiori application to refer to the new service URL by appending ;mo to the existing service.

Backend Changes: Gateway provides configurations to connect any OData service to multiple backend system. This can be done in the gateway system using the /iwfnd/maint_service transaction. Here you can add multiple system aliases for which you want to establish connections. One of the aliases can be selected as default. More information on this can as well be found in the SAP help(

Frontend changes: In order to use the gateway multi origin feature in the extended application we need to point the URLs to the new url by appending ;mo to the existing standard service/extended Z service. The tile also shows the count of change request this also can be changed all the configuration for the new tile so that the count from one or more backend system is provided.

In order to extend the application the following steps are needed:- 

=>Create a new extension project in Webide which points to the backend BSP application. Follow the standard Fiori extensions for doing this. 

=>Add the below code in the config of the default generated code. Modify the service name in case the service is extended with the new Z service.

          "": [  

          {             name: "MDG_MYCR_SRV",       

                        serviceUrl: "/sap/opu/odata/sap/MDG_MYCR_SRV;mo/",      

                        isDefault: true,            mockedDataSource: "./model/metadata.xml"  

          }    ] 

Create a new tile in the Launchpad. Here modify the URL to fetch the change request count in tile. The service URL should be changed to /sap/opu/odata/sap/mdg_mycr_srv;mo/ChangeRequests/$count?$filter=(( ChangeRequestStatusFlag eq 'I' ) and (NoOfDays eq '30')

Once the configuration changes are done to support multi origin and the app is pointed to the service with multi origin support as mentioned above. The tile should launch the application by showing change request from multiple backend. Refer to the document( for further details on MDG Fiori extensibility.

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