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How to monitor a specific Job Step in Job Monitoring?


About Job Monitoring:

The Job Monitoring is used for the proactive monitoring of business critical jobs/ BW Process Chains to ensure the business is running smooth. The following technical objects can be monitored with Solution Manager 7.1 SP12,

  • ABAP Jobs
  • BW process Chains
  • Business Objects Jobs
  • Data Services Jobs

How to monitor a specific Job step in Job Monitoring?

Assume there is a job with three steps & I have a following use cases to monitor this job,

1. Monitor an entire job (with all the three steps)
2. Monitor a specific step

Use Case 1: Monitor an entire job:

  • A single Monitored Object would be sufficient to monitor an entire job (with all the three steps).
  • Pick a job from the job selection popup

In the Job Selection popup if you choose "Show all Job Instances', all the job steps would be displayed as shown below,

Just choose any one of the listed job and click on 'Add selected job as monitored object",

  • Save the Monitored Object
  • Generate and Activate the same to start the data collection and alerting
  • This would monitor the entire job (with all the three steps)

Though the step number is maintained in the Identification section (refer the above screen shot.. it could be 1 or 2 or 3), the entire job would be monitored.

Now... lets see how to monitor a specific job step...

Use Case 2: Monitor a specific step

The aforementioned step number is applicable only if the flag "Alert Refers to step" is set in Step 5.2 "Alert Configuration".

If the "Alert Refers to step" is opted, then the metric would be alerted for a specific step you had maintained in the Identification.

To monitor each and every steps, you need to create three monitored objects for each step by opting "Alerts refers to step".

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