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InnoMarathon 2015 gathers great ideas to make the world run better


On October 30th, the InnoMarathon 2015 was concluded. The initiative, which was part of the Month of Service, aimed at developing  solutions based on real life challenges faced by our community, teaming up with São Leopoldo’s city hall.

The winner was the group that developed a prototype for Safety. Their challenge was to create something that would integrate systems to optimize São Leopoldo’s city guard.  They designed an app for citizens to make emergency calls. To use it, people would have to enter their Individual Registration number, which would reduce prank calls. In addition, it has many filters that would help prioritize assistance. Through the officers’ radio, it would be possible to extract data to inform the person who made the call where the police is and how long it will take until they show up.  Besides all these functionalities, the app can also create a map of statistics for the safety in each neighborhood.

The other groups also developed great ideas for Health, Education and Public Services. The winner was chosen by a jury composed by Daniel Duarte, Raul Bellina and Bruno Wiener, SAP employees, Carlos Aranha, Unitec Coordinator and Diogo Souza, Endeavor Recruiter. They made the decision based on six categories: most innovative, viable, feasible, desirable, how ready the prototype is and how it collaborates with the other challenges. The group took home three prizes: six months of incubation for free at Unitec, a Hoffenhein T-shirt and winner certificates.

Check below what Lucca Ronchetti, the coach of the winner group had to say about this experience:

"The Innomarathon 2015 was really important to me. It was great to understand how a big group of different people with different knowledge can promote changes in the environment we live using the Design Thinking methodology".

Congratulations to everyone involved on this amazing initiative! You are all winners for helping the world run better, starting at our community!

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