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FIN Financial Supply Chain Management

Unblocking Functionality in IHC


The unblocking functionality in IHC (In-House Cash) works as explained below:

  1. The user posts a payment order provisionally. This would create a payment request. In addition, a block flag is SET in the payment order to prevent it from getting finally posted by the mass posting report.
  2. The PAYRQ is cleared by F111 and sent to the bank.
  3. The bank, upon clearing the payment, sends the acknowledgement in the form of a bank statement. The statement item must contain the F111 clearing document number in the payment notes (to identify the linked payment order).
  4. This bank statement is uploaded via FF.5 and posted.
  5. The F111 clearing document number is read from the payment notes and the related IHC payment order is determined.
  6. This payment order is unblocked by resetting the block flag (set in step 1).
  7. Now, the user can use the mass posting report to finally post this payment order.

The F111 clearing document number is the key here. If you are reusing the old F111 clearing document number in payment notes of the bank statement, then this functionality will no longer work as the system would be clearing the block flag of payment order related to old clearing document.

In order to test the functionality in your system, you may follow the steps below:

  • Post a payment order provisionally. Kindly verify if the block flag is set.
  • Clear the PAYRQ using F111 and make a note of document that clears the PAYRQ.
  • Using the document from step2 in payment notes of bank statement item corresponding to this payment order and upload/post the bank statement.
  • Check if the block flag set in payment order in step1 is removed or not. The block flag should have been removed if everything is working fine.
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