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SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business By Design 1511 Manager Approvals Mobile Application



The Manager Approvals mobile app is a line and project manager mobile extensions for SAP Business ByDesign providing support for fast and efficient approval decisions:

  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Efficient, motivational
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • Shopping Carts, Expense Reports, Project Time, Activity Time, Purchase Order, Purchase Order Item, Supplier Invoice
  • Extensible by SAP Cloud App Studio

SAP Business ByDesign Manager Approvals on YouTube

Information about the tablet look and feel:

Information about the phone look and feel:

Download, Installation, Usage, …

The Manager Approvals app is general available as an installable app for iPhone and iPad.

Additionally the app runs on any modern mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in browser.

By assigning a specific work center view the authorization can be controlled per user.

An additional charge for mobile application usage is currently not required.

Functions and Features

Summary: New in 1511

  • Details enhanced
    • New old/new value visualization for fields that have been changed in the Purchase Order Item approval
  • Visual enhancements
    • Newly designed category screen for the phone version
  • Technical enhancements
    • Several improvements in responsiveness, performance, and usability


  • Get a fast overview about your approvals
  • Out-of-the-box support for
    • Time Recordings on Activities and Project Tasks
    • Expense Reports
    • Shopping Carts
    • Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Items
    • Supplier Invoices

  • Approve tasks with a gesture
    • On tablet: Move tasks to upper or lower rows and then click the action button to execute approval or rejection.
    • On phone: Slide tasks to right for approval or left for rejection. Action can be reverted immediately.

  • Important Details at Your Fingertip
    • See important task details in the details pane by tapping on a task
    • Details are selected based on the actual type of task you view: Shopping Carts show other details than Expense Reports
    • See also entered Notes or Attachment on header or item level of a task*
    • Enter approval  notes*
    • If supported, you find the Send Back for Revision action in the details as well*
    • Multi-Step approval information as past approvers as well as upcoming/concurrent approvers is displayed as extra page*

* = Depends on the actual task category

Have no iPhone or iPad

  • Although the installable version is available for the iOS operating system only, the whole app also works in modern browsers.
  • Just open the link to the app provided by your administrator, logon and you are ready to go

Need more information?

You find setup information in the Managing My Area section of the SAP Business ByDesign Library that you can access from your SAP Business ByDesign system via Help Center:

  • Business Areas
    • Executive Management Support
      • Managing My Area
        • System Set up Guide for SAP Manager Approvals App