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Data Quality Statistics Task Localization

  1. Download the Data Quality Statistics Task file to the Tutorial Files folder in your installed SAP Data Services path. By default, this folder is \Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Data Services\Tutorial Files.
    If you are running on UNIX, the Tutorial Files folder exists only on the Windows client workstation, and you should download the .zip file there.
  2. Extract the applicable task localization file or files from the .zip file based on the language or languages that you use (dqs_task_localization_<language>.csv). In addition to English, we provide a task localization file in Danish, German, English, Spanish (Mexican), French, Japanese, Korean, Netherlands, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, and Chinese (simplified).

After you extract the task localization file in the applicable language, you can customize it to reflect words and descriptions that are more recognizable to your business. You are responsible for storing and preserving the file. If you customize it, you need to transfer those customizations to any future updates.

We suggest that before you use or customize the task localization file, you learn about data quality statistics tables, review the supplemental content information, and see examples. All of this information is in the SAP Data Services Reference Guide.

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