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An Alternative to Segment in Revenue Reporting


My customer asked for a reporting on activities. In his perspective, it is a classification of sales orders into activity types, such as e.g. "Construction Order" or "Maintenance Order". He wants to see revenues and costs assigned to these reports. A whole segment reporting would not be the right solution. How can you achieve this?

Well, I played a little bit around, but found in the end a very easy procedure.

  1. Open the sales order and add an extension field in adaptation mode. In case the whole order goes to one activity, do it on header level, in case each line might have a different one, do it on item level.
  2. In further usage, push it into scenario "" and in datasource sales order - header or sales order - item (see above). There is no need to push it in additional data sources. All data sources built on top of DS sales order header / item will get the new field.
  3. In profitability reports (profit details by margin scheme or profit contribution by key figure) or other reports using the sales ledger (such as Sales Documents - Line Items), you can add the new field via Add Fields from node Associated Sales Order.

Doing so, you will be able to see costs and revenues grouped by your newly created extension field.

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