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Create massive Demand Planning Key figures using Excel template

In this blog I would like to introduce how to create massive demand planning keyfigures from Microsoft Excel.

Let’s take a look at below use case:

As a demand planner,you would like to migrate planning key figures from testing to production. You have to go to Planning Board of WoC - Demand Planning to maintain key figures one by one or you fill up the excel template and upload it.  

To be more efficient ,start from 1511 of SAP BusinessByDesign, Download Demand Planning Key figures will be available.With this, you can easily download key figures into excel and upload it into other systems.

Steps as follow:

  1. Go to Woc- Demand Planning, you can see “Download” button.
  2. Click “OK” ,all the active Demand Plan key figures will download into the excel template.
  3. Go to your target system and create same Demand Plans as in the excel.
  4. Update key figures in the excel.
  5. Go to “SAP BUSINESS BYDESIGN” tab and connect to your target system.
  6. Click “Save Data to” to create Demand Planning Key figures in the target system.


  1. System will download all the active Demand Plans once you click “Download”.
  2. “Download” and “Upload” will use same excel template.
  3. Demand Plans have to be exist before you create key figures.
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