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Registered Product - Business Objects it's made up of


Registered Product  is made up of 2 Business Objects .

In this document I'll explain what these two objects are and how they are used to support Registered Product Functionality .

The leading BO is called InstallationPoint ( .

The other BO is called IndividualProduct (

The relationship of these 2 BO's is 1:1

The IndividualProduct  BO is a simple BO and has the following attributes of a Registered Product -

  • Serial ID
  • Reference Product
  • Warranty
  • Description
  • Registered Product Category
  • Notes

The InstallationPoint  BO is more complex as it is used in different scenarios . Each Installation Point can have any one of these 6 types of installed object -

  • 1- Product
  • 2 - Registered Product
  • 3- Connection Object
  • 4- Point of Delivery
  • 5- Text
  • 6- Functional Location

Types Connection Object and Point of Delivery are only used in the Industry solution for Utility .

The types Product, Registered Product  and Text are used to represent the 3 possible type of items an Installed Base can have .

The type  Registered Product  is also used as a standalone object and that's why there is a specialized view for it . (The view Registered Product is seen in 2 Work Centers - Products and Installed Base) .

The Installed Base Work Center also has a view called Installation Point which shows objects of type Product, Text and Functional Location .

In the above image you can see the ID , serial ID and Belong to Installation Point ID on the Registered Product screen .

The ID comes from BO Installation Point and the serial ID comes from BO Individual Product .

The relation between a registered Product and it's parent comes from BO Installation Point .

Other than this the Installation Point BO also stores the following information -

  • Product Location
  • Involved Parties e.g., Customer , owner etc.
  • Territory
  • Sales and Distribution data
  • Reference to Installed Base
  • User Status

The following roles of Involved Parties are supported -

Role Category      Role


17                               17                    Owner

5                                 1005                Ship-To Party

8                                 8                       Payer Party

42                              42                     Service Tech Team

43                              43                     Service Technician

39                               39                     Employee Responsible

60                              60                     Customer

10                               10                     Bill-To Party

49                               49                     Responsible Planner

It's also possible to maintain custom parties .

Most of the nodes and attributes of these 2 BO's have been released for use in SAP Cloud Application Studio .

The following are 2 very common use case :

  1. How to query by Party ?

InstallationPoint->Root->QueryByParty :  this should be used to filter by the different party roles of a registered product e.g., Customer , Owner , employee responsible etc. ( This query is available from C4C release 1511 )

Once user has the instance of Installation Point it’s possible to navigate to the instance of Individual Product via association

ROOT->PrimaryInstalledObject->InstalledObjectIndividualProduct->IndividualProduct .

2. How to query by serial ID ?

InstallationPoint->Root-> QueryByInstalledObjectIndividualProduct . Use the parameter SerialID.

I hope this document has been helpful . Please leave a comment or contact me if you want me to explain anything more about this topic.