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What's New in SAP Web IDE 1.16


Application Descriptor Editor (New)

You can now modify your project application descriptor file (manifest.json) in a multi-tab editor that contains two subtabs: Code Editor and Descriptor Editor.

Schema validation is automatically performed on manifest.json files that are open in the Code Editor tab.

The Descriptor Editor subtab includes two AppDescriptor configuration subtabs: Settings and Navigation. The configuration fields in the Descriptor editor assist you by providing available choices, placeholder suggestions, and input validation.

To use the Application Descriptor editor, open your project manifest.json file in your workspace, and choose the Descriptor Editor subtab at the bottom of the pane. The changes that you make in the Descriptor Editor subtab are automatically udpated in the Code Editor subtab and vice versa.

Application Destination Mapping (New)

You can now test your application with a destination system that is different from the one defined in the application neo-app.json file. In the new Application Destination Mapping section in the Run Configuration settings, you can map destinations that are defined in your project to any system that is included in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account.

Logout Page (New)

After logging out, a new page is displayed indicating that you are logged out and including a link that allows you to log back in.

Overview Page Plugin (New, Experimental)

The Overview Page plugin for SAP Web IDE allows developers to create their own overview page applications. Overview pages provide users with an interactive overview of a specific area, enabling them to interact with business data and perform key actions.

Note: The Overview Page plugin and all features that come with it are experimental and not supported for productive use.

Improved UI (Changed)

As part of an enhancement to the SAP Web IDE appearance, you can now enjoy a new UI design which is aligned with HCP UI.

Run Configuration Without a Frame (Changed)

When you run an application, it now opens with no frame, by default. You can change this setting in the Frame field in the Run Configuration settings.

Create Multiple Local Branches from Remote Branch (Changed)

You can now create more than one local branch from a remote branch.

Build Creates Resources File (Changed)

When you build an application, a resources.json file is created listing all the resources in the project.

Project Shows Current Checked-Out Branch (Changed)

In the workspace, each project that is under source control indicates the branch that is currently checkout out.

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