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How to avoid/solve 20% of your Webi Incidents ! - Webi Reports


Working with Webi Reports, this section provides you with information on report related topics from e.g. data refresh to report topics or other troubleshooting tips.

Refresh on DemandCreate Report CopyCheck/Test Webi preferences

Refreshing a Web Intelligence document enables you to view data on demand. However, refreshing may use a considerable amount of system resources.

It can be run manually by the user or by turning on the “Refresh on open” document setting.

Easy troubleshooting steps when Webi document is getting corrupted.

  To exclude e.g. cache errors for a specific Web Intelligence document, create a copy from the original report
How to check and change Web Intelligence viewing/modifying preferences. In BI launch pad, you have the possibility to change your viewing and/or modification interface for Web Intelligence.
Re-Export the Web Intelligence document to the repositoryData Refresh by SchedulingCheck with different client machine
Easy troubleshooting steps when Webi document is getting corrupted. This easy troubleshooting test is recommended every time, when you are experiencing error with a specific Webi document.What is scheduling of a Web Intelligence document? Scheduling is the process of automatically running a Web Intelligence document at a specified time.

Easy troubleshooting steps when functions in Webi are not working as expected.

To exclude any application incompatibilities, test and compare the product behavior on different client machines.

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