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Adapting UIs of SAP Fiori Apps at Runtime (RTA)

Category: Extend/Develop

Want to change the UI of apps in the SAP Fiori launchpad to fit the business needs of your company? Want to do this intuitively at runtime of your apps and without having to create new code? With UI adaptation at runtime (RTA) you can! For example:

  • Clean up the UI by removing any fields you don’t need
  • Support special business cases by adding new fields; you can even create your own new fields using the OData service.
  • Improve usability and reflect your company’s terminology by renaming UI elements such as fields or group titles
  • Optimize the overview of information and speed up workflow by changing the layout of UI elements such as fields

What's in It for You as a Key User?

As a key user in your company you're certainly a business expert, but you don't necessarily have technical or programming skills (unlike admins or IT experts). On top of your standard business duties, you're also responsible for specific tasks, such as adapting apps to changed business processes and releasing them to your team or even the whole company. That's where UI adaptation at runtime comes into play. To change the UI of your apps, you don't need any programming skills or technical expertise. Just switch to adaptation mode and use drag and drop and intuitive context menus. For more information, see the key user documentation.

Want to Try It Out?

Practice with our demo app. You can experiment with the UI adaptation at runtime features without worrying about breaking anything important. Just open the SAPUI5 Demo Kit in Google Chrome, select DEMO APPS and choose the Runtime Adaptation tile. You can find the Demo Kit at the following locations:

SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAPhttp://<host>:<port>/sap/public/bc/ui5_demokit/
Note: Replace <host> with the host name and <port> with the port number of your system.
SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Javahttp://<host>:<port>/sapui5-sdk
Note: Replace <host> with the host name and <port> with the port number of your system.
SAP HANA Cloud Platform

How Do I Enable UI Adaptation at Runtime as a Developer?

To enable apps for UI adaptation at runtime, you use SmartForm controls. Only these controls can be edited in UI adaptation at runtime and they must have stable IDs. UI adaptation at runtime uses stable IDs to ensure that the changes made by the key user are preserved and can be applied again, for example after the app is upgraded. Stable IDs are based on SAPUI5 static IDs and, to prevent inconsistencies or errors, must not be changed. For more information, see the developer documentation.

Get Involved: Impact SAP’s Solution for UI Adaptation by Sharing Your Needs

We want to understand how you’re dealing with UI adaptation. What do your processes look like? What challenges do you face? And how should it work for you ideally? Join our next workshop and be part of shaping UI adaptation at runtime. Find out how ...


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  • Available with UI Add-On 2.0 SP00


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