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Inconsistent index in portal


  • Index is inactive in 'Indexing Monitor'.
  • Index is not visible in 'Index Administration'.
  • Not able to create index in same name which was deleted earlier.
  • Error during search occured: com.sapportals.wcm.WcmException: com.sapportals.trex.TrexException: Index does not exist; index=<index name>(Errorcode 2007)


TREX 7.0/7.1


Index is directly deleted on standalone TREX admin tool.


Create index in Standalone TREX Admin Tool.

Go to Standalone TREX Admin Tool -> Index: Landscape -> Right click on page content area -> Choose 'Create Index' -> Use Same Index ID as earlier -> Put '1' in queue server field -> Click on 'Execute'  -> after this run 'Reindex' from portal

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