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Filters in Drill Down Pane of HTML5 Dashboards

You may want to understand the purpose of the Filters area in the Drill Down Pane of a HTML5 Dashboard. This can be found when showing the drill down pane for a dashboard report and then expanding the Filters area.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the ANALYSIS work center
  2. Go to the DASHBOARDS view
  3. In any of the dashboard reports hit the Show drill down pane icon
  4. Click on Filters

You will see an empty area and no option to filter data like in browser reports


Filters in dashboard have a different meaning than filters which are exposed in reports. Filters in dashboard are filters which have been applied to the report during interaction. In the intial view there are no filters applied to a dashboard. This is why the Filters list is shown empty.

Take for example the Sales Performance dashboard.

There is an interaction between Sales Reps by Revenue in Pipeline (Top 10) - Next 12 Months and Average Sales Cycle - Last 12 Months. When a user clicks on a Sales Rep in the first report this will trigger an interaction for the second report (you can see that the second report refreshes with updated data). This is called filters in dashboard and will be shown for the second report once user does such kind of interaction. If you now open the Filters area again for the second report you will see the name of the Sales Rep that you selected in the first report.

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