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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

New Support Package Stacks released for EWM 9.1/9.2,

EWM 9.1 Stack 05

EWM 9.2 Stack 01

New Notes :

There are two new notes available regarding OData-Services and recommended configuration settings for the socket agents in the EWM scenario:

2120484: Recommended configuration settings for the sockets agents in EWM scenario: This note describes recommended settings of SAP Plant Connectivity as communication layer between programmable logic controllers (SPS) and EWM when using EWM MFS.

2070357: Consuming Measurement Service using OData service: This note describes how configured formula-based measurement services can be consumed using OData service. With this service, EWM KPIs can be easily consumed externally. An example for the graphical display of KPIs are so called Andon Boards (e.g. with SAP Lumira or Fiori). The necessary EWM services are available as of EWM 9.2

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