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SAP IQ Cockpit - Installing Java Class into an SAP IQ Database


You can install and manage Java Classes or Jar files using SAP IQ Cockpit. For installing and managing Java classes or Jar files into an SAP IQ database you will need 'Manage Any External Object'  system privilege.

Launch SAP IQ Cockpit and connect to SAP IQ server.  Click on Explore tab . Expand IQ server folder(for multiplex expand  multiplex Management click on multiplex Server folder- select Node on which class will be installed)  -> Compiled Objects -> External Environment -> Java ->Classes

   Register SAP IQ Cockpit Agent





      Authenticate SAP IQ Cockpit Agent





Bowse Java class path and click finish




Install second Java class


View or modify properties of Java Class


  Click on Properties and modify property you want to change. If you do not required privilege, SAP IQ cockpit will display properties view in READONLY mode


  Add comment


Click Apply and then OK


To delete Java class file, right click on class and select delete, review Java Class file  information and click yes






    To update  Right click on class and select update . For update, provide path to Java class which is accessible to the SAP IQ System and click finish




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