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SAP Business ByDesign

Intercompany Project Time and Expense Scenario


The Intercompany Project Time and Expenses business scenario allows partner companies that belong to the same corporate group and that are technically working in the same SAP Business ByDesign system to efficiently work together on projects.

In the Professional Services industry, a company that runs a project for a customer might not be able to staff this project solely with its own employees. A partner company, however, might offer the employees required. So the project owning company (buying company) orders the required services from the partner company (selling company).

Scoping :

To start the implementation, you first need to activate this option on your implementation project.

1. In the Scoping step of the project, ensure that Sell Project-Based Products and Services is selected within Product and Service Portfolio for Sales.

When you create a sales order which contains project-based items. This sales order represents the customer's view of the project.  

2. In the Scoping step of the project, ensure that Non-Stock Material and Service Procurement is selected.

3. In the Scoping step of the project, ensure that Purchasing of Services Between Partner Companies is selected to enable intercompany procurement.

4.  In the Scoping step of the project, ensure that the Consolidation Preparation is selected .

You have several companies in one tenant since you have to do consolidation preparation regularly to show how much business has been done with partner company.

Activity :

1. Criteria to Determine Responsibilities for Sales

2. Accounts  Customer Group

3. Invoice Schedule Template for Intercompany Sales Orders

4. Project Types

Choose a project type such as Customer project with sales integration and enable the Intercompany Indicator.

Example Process Description:

1. The Buying  company (Almika SA ) sell a project to customer Dupond & Fils .

2.  Because we have not enough free resources, we have to involve employees from our other selling company (Innovat SA).

3. We will purchase those employees for our project and they will track recordings.


The pre-requirement for SAP ByDesign intercompany processes is certainly the existence of at least two companies in organizational management (two different organization units with flag “Company”).

In this scenario Almika SA is the purchasing company so in fact it`s the customer of Innovat SA and Innovat is the supplier of Almika SA.

Master data:

1.  Business Partner Based Settings :

You have to Maintain Almika as account master data.

You have to maintain Innovat as supplier master data

You have to ensure that Sales Order Confirmations and Customer Invoices will be sent via Internal EDX (XML communication) to Almika SA.

You have to ensure that purchase order will be sent via Internal EDX (XML communication) to Innovat SA.

2. Intercompany Price Settings:

Purchasing option in service master data all services we want to use in this scenario have to be active for purchasing and pre-configured list price/selling price is needed for those. Purchasing option should be Active in service master data.

List price of supplier Innovat SA for our service (200 EUR).

Selling Price for customer Almika SA for our service (200 EUR).


Also very important is that you check that the right Sales Organization and valuation in service master data is set. This is a critically point because if you have the wrong settings here the whole process will end in an inconsistent sales orders. In my example Sales Organization " S1120 - Ventes Pro" of Innovat SA is responsible for Almika SA so we have to ensure that this Organization is set in my service.

Example Intercompany process :

First create a Sales Order for customer “Dupond & Fils”, add project based item and the item type should be.

Service - time and material (project)

Expense - time and material (project)

After this we let SAP ByDesign automatically create customer project with sales integration for the company Almika SA.

The sales order items will be over taken in the project and if you choose the copy revenue the revenue will be copied to the project .

Select the OK button the system the system creates the automatically create customer project with sales integration.

Select the Release button the sales order will be released and the project integration will take place, sales order status changes from In Preparation to Open.

The Customer Project With Sales Integration project is created for Company Almika SA.

Now you can plan the project duration, assign an employee from Selling company (Innovat SA) to project plan. (This will also register this employee as service agent for purchasing.) And also you can see in the project the service and quantity is copied from the sales order.Once the planning is done ensure to release the project.

Now you can create a purchase request to get employees from our selling company (Innovat SA) working on buying company (Almika SA) project. In the following screenshots you can see that if you select this Supplier, the “Intercompany relevant” check box will be automatically checked.

Creating a project purchase request for service agent Manuel Maroth from Innovat SA.

SAP ByDesign will automatically create the purchase request out of project purchase request and if configured right, it will also directly create the purchase order.

Add a second item (expense service) of item type limit to purchase order and send update. Only with this item Manuel Maroth can track expenses to the project.

Using electronic data exchange (EDX), the buying company (Almika SA) sends the purchase order to the selling company (Innovat SA).

In the selling company (Innovat SA) the system automatically creates a intercompany sales order and intercompany project via B2B (Business to Business) communication.

The Intercompany project will be created and released for the selling company (Innovat SA).

The Person responsible in the Intercompany project will be Manger of the Intercompany Sales Unit.

From this point you can start tracking times and expenses from both companies to your origin project (for customer “Dupond & Fils”). The intercompany project is automatically released in background but should only be used for controlling from Innovat SA perspective.

Time sheet for Manuel Maroth (Innovat SA), you can see the origin project for customer Dupond & Fils and purchase number 881.

When time recording or expense report is created by the employee in selling company (Innovat SA), a Goods And Service Receipt will be created at buying company (Almika SA).

Invoicing processes are then triggered between the two partner companies.Schedule Project Invoice request is created related to project time recordings, expense and released Customer Invoicing automatically.

Once the customer invoice is released at the selling company, the system creates the supplier Invoice at the buying company.