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Downloading the Segregation of Duty Conflicts information


The Analytics Framework in Business ByDesign supports only a maximum of 60 characters in reports. Due to this limitation in the number of characters, critical information which exceed 60 characters cannot be rendered completely in reports and subsequently cannot be downloaded as well. A vital piece of information used for Audit purpose is the Segregation of Duty Conflicts information. Users most often use the Segregation Of Duty Conflicts Report to consolidate the data but the SOD Conflict Reason and SOD Conflict Resolution date is incomplete in reports.

To not be disadvantaged in obtaining this information from reports, changes in the landscape of the system were introduced thereby enabling a user to directly download the Segregation of Duty Conflicts information from the UI itself without having to worry about the number of characters contained in the SOD Conflict Reason and SOD Conflict Resolution fields.

The following is the path to download the information from the UI:

  1. Go to Business Users View present in Application and User Management Work Center
  2. Click on View SOD Conflicts
  3. If you want to view all the SOD conflicts irrespective of the user then click on Go
  4. Or if you want to view the SOD conflicts for a specific user then click on Advanced option and then filter by User
  5. Now use the Export option to download the SOD data To Microsoft Excel.

Screenshots have been attached to this document for reference.

sod3.jpg (192013 B)
sod2.jpg (308102 B)
sod1.jpg (139783 B)
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