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NW AS Java Administrator (NWA)

Using network printer in SAP

SAP does NOT SUPPORT direct access to  network printer using access method 'U'. This means same IP address is used for both 'Host printer' and 'Destination host' in SPAD. Please see the attached file for the example setting.

The devices designated as network printers attempt to simulate a host spool system as per RFC1179. However, this does not usually work. The printers cannot buffer enough data and handle further connection requests from the network at the same time. As a result, although the spool request has 'complete' status in SP01, there is no output on the physical printer.

Do not directly address network printers with access method 'U' from the SAP system. This is also not supported.
The best solution is to use access method 'L' on UNIX or 'C' on NT/AS400. The printers are then defined remotely in the relevant host spool system. In this case, on HP-UX the option -oBSDl must be added to the profile parameter rspo/host_spool/print if PCL data (device type HPLJIII, HPLJ4 etc.) is to be sent. The second best solution would be to print with access method 'U' on a UNIX spool first. The spooler then forwards the data to a 'remote' printer. You can also use the server-based printing method. This means installing SAPSprint on a windows print server and use access method S (note 894444).

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