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SAP IQ 16 sp10.x Full Install


SAP IQ typical installer only install  SAP IQ Cockpit not SAP Control Center. For SAP Control Center, you will need to do custom install.

1. Set SYBASE environment variable pointing  to IQ release directory

2. Set DISPLAY environment variable for GUI install

3. Launch installer:



5. Specify IQ release directory path

6. Select 'Custom' installation for installing SAP Control Center, 'Typical'  installation will only install SAP IQ COCKPIT.


8. Select SAP Control Center


9.  Check  Install licensed copy of SAP IQ Server


10.  Select country and  Agree to SAP license terms.


11.  Select 'Product Edition' and 'License Type'


12. Configure email alerts


13. Review  Installation folder, Product Components and Disk Space required for the installation


14.  Monitor  SAP IQ 16 server suite installation






15. Specify SCC, RMI and TDS port or accept default port





16. Specify SCC administrator password




17.  Review SCC Configuration Summary


18.  Click 'Yes' start SAP Control Server


19. Configure IQ Cockpit - HTTP/HTTPS. RMI and TDS Ports





     20. Select if you want installer to start IQ Cockpit, click next and then Done


21. Verify component installed in IQ release directory


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