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SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition upgrade from 1505 to 1508 (aka sFIN 2.0 SP01 to SP02)


Dear Friends,

I would like to share my experience of SAP S4HANA sFIN On Premise Edition 1503 Upgrade from 1505 to 1508 (aka sFIN 2.0 SP01 to SP02) SP Upgrade.

Source : SAP ECC 6 EHP7 SP8 (NW SP10) sFIN 2.0 1505

Target  : SAP ECC 6 EHP7 SP9 (NW SP11) sFIN 2.0 1508

We had total 5 productive clients in the system.


1. Make sure all conditions should meet as per SAP note  2117481 - Release Information Note: SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition 1503

2. HANA should be on Revision 97 is a part of the above note.

Execution phase runtime.

Execution took approximate 6 hours.

Below 2 phases took maximum time during the Execution phase.

  • TABIM_UPG can be optimized during the execution phase as well.
  • RUTDDLSCREATE need to optimized before starting the upgrade.This phase took 2 hours. We can only implement the below notes before starting the upgrade to optimize its run time. I was not aware about these notes during the Upgrade.

# 2150018 - CDS views missing from database

# 2160038 - Error message during activation: View cannot be deleted from the database

sFIN Issue: 

We faced one issue related to sFIN in Pre Processing phase   MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD_RUN/START_SHDI_SHD2!

Solution: Applied attached note to fix it.

Please apply this note before starting sFIN SP Upgrade to avoid this issue.

Without this issue, sFIN upgrade was smoother and similar to any other Support Pack Upgrade.

DB Size :



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