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Predictive Analytics Model Manager: common issues


You will find below some common issues encountered with Predictive Analytics Model Manager. Feel free to post other issues and their solution!

  • I can’t do anything when clicking on Administration

You have to click on the triangle in front of Administration to display sub-menus.

  • I cannot edit Administration settings

If there is no triangle in front of Administration, it is likely that the database initialization failed during the installation.

Open a command prompt as administrator again and go to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP Predictive Analytics\Model Manager 2.x\EXE and type: webtools_db_init.bat factory

Once it is finished, restart Services and try login again as Admin.

  • I cannot add the Predictive Analytics Server

Typically, Predictive Analytics server is not installed or not correctly configured.

First thing to do is to use the Remote Assistant 2.x to connect to Predictive Analytics Server using the authenticated connection.

    • If it cannot connect, it means that the issue is with Predictive Analytics Server. You should check its configuration first. Only when you can successully connect with the Remote Assistant, you can try to add the server from Model Manager.
    • If you don’t have the Remote Assistant 2.x shortcut, it is likely that Predictive Analytics Server is not installed.
    • If you can connect successfully using the Remote Assistant 2.x, check the settings (IP address & Port) specified in the login windows. Check also the login and password you specified for the connection.

Note: In the default configuration of Predictive Analytics Server, your login and password are your Windows® login & password.

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