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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

Feature differences between SAP BI BusinessObjects Server Operating Systems



Working with SAP Consulting I have been involved in a few discussions with customers where it has surfaced that there are some feature differences when using the SAP BusinessObjects BI server on different operating Systems and customers were not aware of some differences. This blog intends to collect and document feature differences between SAP BI BusinessObjects Server OS.

Which Operating Systems are generally supported for the SAP BI Server?

As of today (BI4.1 SP06) following OS are mentioned in the PAM as supported: Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris.

Are there feature differences for end users depending on the SAP BI Server OS?

Yes, here a summary of differences:

Lumira ServerYesNoNoNo
Lumira Scheduling Service:YesNoNoNo
SSO - Microsoft Active DirectoryYesNoNoNo
SSO - Complex Multiple forest SSO (as supported only with AD, not with LDAP)YesNoNoNo
SSO - SAP BI Client Tools SSO (as supported only with AD, not LDAP)YesNoNoNo
SSO - LDAPYesYesYesYes
Analysis for Office - SchedulingYesNoNoNo
Deski Compatibility Pack - SchedulerYesNoNoNo
IIS Integration Option for Microsoft SharePointYesNoNoNo
CMS + Audit DB on Microsoft SQL ServerYesNoNoNo
Semantic Layer Data Source: Microsoft ExcelYesNoNoNo
Semantic Layer Data Source: Microsoft AccessYesNoNoNo
Semantic Layer Data Source: PostgreSQLYesYesNo multiple source universeNo multiple source universe
Semantic Layer Data Source: SalesforceYesYesNo multiple source universeNo multiple source universe
Multiple BO Server installations in one machineNoYesYesYes
Multiple SIA Nodes belonging to different clustersNoYesYesYes
Web Intelligence Documents on Excel/TXT on Network ShareYesNoNoNo

Table 1: Feature differences as of BI 4.1 SP06

Are there any features supported on *nix and not on Windows?

The only disadvantage seems to be related to the ability of Installing multiple BO servers in one single machine.

Can I have a mix deployment?

Yes, this is possible.


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